It is commonly said that change is the only thing constant yet the marginalization of children is one societal ill that has apparently come to stay. Marginalization originally explains situation of setting aside a group of people such that they feel alienated and useless.

Taking a look at the Cameroonian society the marginalization of children is very evident in homes where some relatives bring in children of other family members to come live with them and at the end of the day, these kids are used a slaves, doing house chores and sadly not properly fed.

More so some of these kids aged 10 and even less are sent to sell in the markets regardless of the evident consequences of this neglect. In the town of Buea specifically, it is no news seeing young boys and girls parading the streets with pots of stewed meet on the heads commonly called “hot pot” , buckets of snails, groundnuts as well as a wide range of baked products all in the name of making ends meet at such tender age.

Sending out these children to a world which isn’t ready to receive them is inevitably exposing them to rape, theft and moral decadence as some end up being strict children, thieves as well as prostitutes.

The negative aspects are many but the solutions therein are few for a lot of sensitization needs to be carried out to save these children before the joy of living is drained out of them.


However, the United Nations Action for Children (UAC) created in 1996 with a vision to ensure that children living in marginalized communities have access to education has come a long way to enable awareness concerning the issue with a branch in the southwest region they have come a long way to ensuring that these kids get access to education and make meaning out of their lives.