Did you know a table spoon of honey contains 64 calories? Well, maybe you do or don’t. The important thing is how you use honey for your well being. Most people certainly have heard from others that honey does so many things but they don’t know how to exactly use it to produce the necessary results. So now let’s look at how honey helps provide you energy without increasing your sugar or cholesterol level. Research shows that honey provides quick energy to the human system; it is able to give quick unprocessed energy as it contains glucose and fructose.

Hence given its ability to give you energy this rapidly, why not switch from that energy drink you consume everyday to using natural honey to boost your system. Here’s how to include it into your feeding plan.

First off is to use a table spoon of honey in your tea, you can use it for hot tea or ice tea and the effects are still the same. Your system quickly drains this into energy. As simple as it sounds it will keep you going all day long ( notwithstanding this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t eat properly). You can better still carry a little bottle along with you so that each time you feel drained, you can always refill yourself with honey and then you are good to go.



We find lemon grass almost everywhere or at least without so much stress for the best cures to all ailments we have are given by nature. One would tag lemon grass a a “soother” because most of its reliefs fulfill this function. This plant goes way back and has been used for centuries and beyond in Asia and Africa. Back in the Cameroonian setting most families grow them in their compound for fever, stomach disorders as well as respiratory issues. But one thing that passes people by is the fact that lemon grass helps to “set you to sleep”. When the body feels stressed or strained, all you need is a cup of lemon grass tea (at most two cups). So when your eyes won’t give your the pleasure of closing themselves up, lemon tea would. It acts as a relaxation medium: taking away all the anxiety before bed time. So a cup of lemon tea before bed time produces nothing but the best of sleep.